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20 Supplies That Are Figuratively too Cool for School That unicorn tape dispenser, though

cool school supplies

20 Supplies That Are Figuratively too Cool for School That unicorn tape dispenser, though


Backpack? Check. Water bottle? Double check. Awesome-looking school supplies that make class projects and homework more fun to do? Check these 20 buys out:

Yoobi 2-Pocket Folder

Yoobi 2 Pocket Folder (99 cents at Target)

Kids can take a mini break to recharge and color in this doodle-ready folder.


Avocado Eraser Sharpener Set

Avocado Eraser + Sharpener Set ($13.99 at Urban Outfitters)

Cute! Also genius because the pit gets stored in the avocado eraser, so it doesn’t get lost.


Staples Digit Display Calculator

8-Digit Display Calculator ($5 at Staples)

This reasonably priced calculator comes in all sorts of funky finishes.

DIYJewelryDepot My Neighbor Totoro Japanese Anime Steel Security Lock Keyed Padlock

Japanese Anime Steel Security Lock ($8.99 at Amazon) 

A much cuter way to protect your stuff than a boring regular old lock.


Pokémon Pikachu Portable Charger

Pokémon Pikachu Portable Charger ($9.99 at ThinkGeek)

Pikachu provides an extra three hours of power for their device, adorably.


Pizza Notebook

Pizza Notebook ($14 at Zazzle)

My in-laws joke that my husband only ate pizza for a few years when he was a kid. Obviously, this notebook is made for people like him. And all of us!


Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Unicorn Tape Dispenser ($14 at Francesca’s)

A bright burst of color to brighten a desk—and a mood!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smencils

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smencils ($5.49 at Amazon)

This five-pack of scented pencils comes in TMNT-approved smells of grape soda, greasy pizza, rock candy, creamsicle and root beer.


STMT DIY Journaling Set

STMT DIY Journaling Set ($19.99 at Target)

Everything a kid needs to create an artistic, personalized journal to store their innermost thoughts and hopes.


Paper Clips Pom Poms

Paper Clip Pom Poms ($8 at

I’m obsessed with everything on this site, starting with these fuzzy paper clips.


What Would Beyonce Do Nameplate

What Would Beyonce Do? Nameplate ($28 at He Said, She Said)

Yaaaaaas! C’mon, who wouldn’t be motivated by this fantastic nameplate?


Eraser Rings

Diamond Ring Erasers ($4.99 at Oriental Trading)

These almost look good enough to eat. Almost.


Post-it Pop-up Notes

Post-it Cat Pop-Up Note Dispenser ($7.99 at Office Depot)

Good grief, this is adorable!

Weird but True Daily Planner

Weird But True Daily Planner: 365 Days to Fill With School, Sports, Friends, and Fun! ($9.67) at Barnes & Noble

Stay organized—and stay weird—with a quirky planner from National Geographic that features wacky factoids and other fun stuff.


Meri Meri Reward Stickers

Meri Meri Reward Stickers ($8.95 at Paper Source)

Stickers, stickers everywhere! These upbeat messages give them something to hand out to new friends.


LEGO Convertible Ruler

LEGO Convertible Ruler ($9.99 reduced from $15 at Toys R Us)

Kids can convert this fun ruler from a 12-inch to a 6-inch tool.

SKOJIG Work Lamp

SKOJIG Work Lamp ($29.99 at Ikea)

Give your child a fun light for homework, reading or relaxing.


Just Sayin' Sticky Notes

Just Sayin’ Knock Knock Sticky Notes ($5.99 at Amazon)

Take notes with attitude!


Gelly Roll Pens

Gelly Roll Pens (10-pack for $11.46 at Amazon)

Colors abound! These pens were fun when you were younger, and they still reign supreme now.


Inner Unicorn Pocket Folder

Inner Unicorn Pocket Folder ($9.95 at Paper Source)

Folders have always been so basic until now.

Build a DIY Homework Station to House Your Supplies


2 responses to “20 Supplies That Are Figuratively too Cool for School”

  1. Hannah says:

    I remember some of these from my school days! In high school, colored pens were all the rage for girls, despite the teachers’ persistent requests for “blue or black ink only.” I could never get into those multi-colored pens, though. Much too bulky and awkward to write with comfortably.

    • Andrea says:

      Agreed. We had ones by BIC (I think) that were not quite as thick and only held four colors, and I was obsessed with that for quite a while.

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