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8 Alternatives to the YETI Because, Dang, Those Coolers Are Expensive Keep calm and don't spend $300 on a cooler

YETI Alternatives

8 Alternatives to the YETI Because, Dang, Those Coolers Are Expensive Keep calm and don't spend $300 on a cooler


Back away from the YETI. Yes, the coolers are pretty legit, but how can you justify throwing several hundred dollars at the things? Avoid sticker shock, and check out these cheaper alternatives. RetailMeNot combed through the reviews and ice-retention testings to nail down seven coolers that function just as well—if not better—than the YETI Tundra but for way less. Bonus: Many of them come with longer warranties than YETI’s five-year promise, too!

Cabela's Polar Cap Cooler

Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler 25-Quart ($199.99) at Cabela’s
Save: $50
This ice chest won Field & Stream’s ice-chest throwdown. “The Polar Cap kept ice longer than any other cooler and didn’t hit our warm-beer threshold of 42 degrees until eight days, 20 hours. Its molded-in handles were a tester favorite, and the single-pin hinge was near bulletproof. The drain, too, was excellent and attached with a metal wire lanyard,” Field & Stream writes. The rope handles even glow in the dark!

RTIC Cooler 20

RTIC Cooler 20 ($124.99) at Amazon
Save: $125
Long story short, with the RTIC, you’re getting very close to the same quality as the YETI but for half the price. So if you’re not an avid hunter or fisherman and just need an amazing cooler for the river or tailgating, this is your pick. RTIC has a larger storage size than YETI, so you’ll be able to hold more ice anyway, and people say RTIC keeps ice longer. One bummer is that the warranty only lasts 30 days.


Orca Ice Retention Cooler

Orca 20-Quart Ice-Retention Cooler ($229.99) at Tractor Supply Co.
Save: $70
Orca coolers are 100 percent made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. They also come with a cargo net for extra storage. Now, it appears that in order to get the bear-proof feature, you’ll have to invest in a special lock that Orca sells, but if ice retention is your main need, the Orca is capable of keeping ice frozen for up to 10 days.

Pelican Pro Gear Marine Deluxe Cooler

Pelican 32–35 Quart ProGear Elite Marine Deluxe Cooler ($268.66) at Walmart
Save: $30
Coming in at a price just under YETI’s comparable model, this Pelican cooler is adored for its ruggedness, size and ability to hold ice just as long—if not longer—than a YETI cooler. In fact, reviewers say the Pelican managed to keep ice frozen for nine days. Also, most who own this cooler do admit it’s super heavy, but with that weight comes incredible durability that outperforms the YETI. Bonus: Pelican coolers rock a lifetime warranty.

Engel Deep Blue Cooler

Engel Deep Blue 35-Quart Cooler ($209.99) at Amazon
Save: $70
The Engel can retain ice for seven days, ships for free and is certified bear-proof. The brand, which has been around over 50 years and claims to be the originator of high-performance coolers, has diehard fans who have no problem telling YETI to go take a hike. You’ll get 2 inches of insulation in the cooler and an airtight seal. And it might be worthy to note that EMS and fire rescue personnel use Engel.



Coleman Xtreme Cooler

Coleman Xtreme 70-Quart Cooler ($49.99) at Academy
Save: about $350 if you’re comparing this to the YETI 65
The Coleman Xtreme certainly doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the others, but if you really don’t have crazy needs for a cooler and just want something simple that will hold ice for a couple days, you can’t go wrong here.

Canyon Coolers

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 22-Quart ($139.99) at Amazon
Save: $90
Canyon is a great buy for the money. In a five-day ice challenge, Canyon proved that it can definitely hang with the Yeti and Pelican coolers of the world.


K2 Coolers

K2 Coolers Summit 20 ($159) at Amazon
Save: $90
This cooler has a padded shoulder strap, which makes for comfortable carrying. As far as ice retention goes, you won’t see the same strength of the higher-priced alternatives, but if you want a trusty cooler that can hold ice for a few days, you won’t be disappointed with the K2 Coolers. Plus, they come with a seven-year warranty.


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